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25 01 2008


[2008/1/09 16:44 JST] Bought Hard Drives — Waiting for their delivery…

[2008/1/11 18:01 JST] Received UPS Tracking information — Reported as “On Time”

[2008/1/15 09:57 JST] Drives have arrived — Waiting for Team America to enter the Data Center.

[2008/1/22 16:10 JST] Drive Copy has finished; Shutdown the Upload System and currently waiting for Thomas Hawk to enter the US data center for pickup…

[2008/1/24 16:53 JST] Drives have been shipped; Currently waiting for their Arrival. FedEx says by 6PM JST! 🙂

[2008/1/24 17:32 JST] Called FexEx Japan and they said that the packages have been delayed at Japanese Customs; Though, we’re still okay. The nice Japanese FedEx lady said that we should still get the packages by 6PM tomorrow, so we’re still on time!

[2008/1/25 19:46 JST] Mixed News, please read below:

Everything has gone great except for 2 issues that we’re currently tracking:

* FedEx Photo Data Delivery was delayed until Monday JST due to a customs issue
* We were not able to activate some of the servers in our current rack due to power constraints
(Resolved: This will be resolved on Thursday (01/31 JST) of next week)

Everything has been largely a great success thanks to the hard work of our team and the dedication of our users! Due to the above issues, we have no choice but to delay the launch back to next week. Web will of course continue to be online through this period.

[2008/1/29 13:43 JST] Hey Friends — great news! Drives have arrived and as we stated in the last post, we’re just waiting on our Japanese data center to open up a few server racks near our current configuration. Our data center company says they earliest they can do this by is Thursday JST (which is Wed. PST). Your data is safe: Just look at the photos below


[2008/1/30 20:08 JST] Just put the site into “Intermission” Mode — We’re going to start copying over databases and other critical things. We’re getting close to bringing our Japanese Data Center online.

[2008/1/30 21:15 JST] Still going strong.

[2008/1/30 22:06 JST] Most of the system is back online –we’re going to turn off Intermission Mode any moment now unless something really odd pokes up…

[2008/1/30 22:30 JST] Wooo, Zooomr’s Zipping along for sure. We just got Web online from Tokyo, Japan! Uploads and Storage will follow tomorrow as planned.

[2008/2/1 22:35 JST] We got upload and storage back online today; Unfortunately, we weren’t able to activate all photos, but you can bet that we are working hard on moving the remaining hardware from the US to Japan. We will be able to restore all photos within the month.




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