Uploading to Zooomr from Linux? You can, with a trick

23 09 2007

Questo articolo c’è anche in italiano

First of all: purists, those who never would accept a .exe in their linux box, can stop reading. For the others: this is better than using Windows to upload to Zooomr.

Linux users know that the upload page of Zooomr doesn’t work on the penguins favourite OS, neither using Firefox, nor other browsers. Somebody claims you can get it working by using Konqueror or Opera but, after several tests I’m quite sure it’s not true.

The matter is not the browser but the Adobe Flash plugin, which even makes Firefox crash (ok, it’s also Firefox fault :-P). The uploading, in fact, is managed by a flash script introduced in Zooomr a few time after the launch of Mark III. Flickr is using a similar system since a few weeks ago, and it has the same problems.

The easiest solution, I think, is to use Firefox for Windows with Wine. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Install Wine in your machine: in almost all the distributions it’s already included in the official repositories and you need a few commands to install it. Two examples:if you have Fedora or another RedHat-based distribution:
    yum -y install wineif you have Debian or Ubuntu:
    sudo apt-get install wineFor the other cases I suggest to refer to the official packet manager of your distribution, or to download Wine from the Wine Head Quarter.
  2. Download Firefox for Windows and the Flash Player. Save the files in an easy place: Desktop is perfect.
  3. Install Firefox with Wine
    wine Firefox Setup
    and follow the instructions. The default installation it’s ok: you only need to accept the licence and to press a button a couple of times.

    Schermata-Installazione di Mozilla Firefox

  4. Install the Windows version of the Flash Player, again using Wine:
    wine install_flash_player.exe

At the end you will find an icon on your desktop (like if you were in Windows). You can use this icon to launch the Firefox for Windows or, from a Terminal or by pressing ALT+F2, with the line

wine "C:\Program files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

At this point Firefox and the Flash Player for Windows are working inside your Linux. Youtube videos are playing very fine and also the Zooomr upload page is eventually working very well.


I’m aware this solution is not elegant. Anyway until jUploadr will not be working and the Adobe Flash Player will have that problem (the new beta versions are also not working) this is the only valid alternative to upload your pictures on Zooomr using Linux.


  • Use this special installation of Firefox only to upload your pictures to Zooomr. For normal surfing please use a native browser for Linux.
  • Be sure you got the last version of Firefox. When I wrote this article the most recent version was the On Mozilla website you can check the latest version available in different languages.
  • Although I did not try, this solution should work for all the Operating Systems on which Wine can run (for example FreeBSD).
  • Probably there is a way to use mozplugger to have the Flash Player for Windows working inside the Firefox for Linux. I don’t like this hybrid solution because it changes the behaviour of the normal Firefox. I prefer to have a special solution for a special case, like the Zooomr upload. Besides, the mozplugger procedure would be more complex.
  • This solution also allows you to use the new Flickr upload under Linux, if you care.

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23 09 2007
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24 09 2007
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25 09 2007
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25 09 2007
Mike M

You could also download the FlashBlock Firefox add-on and enable it when you’d like to upload pictures. This prevents that Flash progress bar widget from being loaded and pictures upload great.

26 09 2007
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26 09 2007

Nice tip.
btw, i can’t see why some “purist” wouldn’t like to do that – Firefox is open-sourced, the instalation system is open-sourced and the compability layer WINE is open-sourced. Why not? =)

Mike M, good idea, i’m gonna try that.

26 09 2007

Why not just use the JUploader? It works for both Zooomr and Flickr.

26 09 2007

sorry gibarian but juploader, that is a great piece of software, don’t work with Zooomr…

read this: http://juploadr.org/2007/07/08/zooomr-update-3/


26 09 2007

Add me to the Campaign to Get jUploadr working. It did before the upload, perfectly.

Now though, the poor developer has been waiting for the API key for /months/! Not good, Kris and Thomas. Sorry, I love you guys, but………

C’mon. Installing firefox through wine is a POOR solution to the problem. jUploadr is a BRILLIANT solution.

27 09 2007
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28 09 2007

hey greywulf just read the post

Here’s why:

I just finished chatting with Kris Tate on IM, and he tells me that indeed jUploadr’s API key has not been re-enabled due to their rapidly shrinking disk space, which is what I expected. Re-enabling jUploadr would make it very easy for everyone to upload many photos at once, and then Zooomr would grind to a halt.

Sun has promised Zooomr some hardware to remedy this problem, but they have been taking forever on this. I’m sorry that I don’t even have an ETA to give you of when jUploadr will be up and running with Zooomr, but this is the latest information that I have.

/end quote

So zooomr is low on storage space and they have to shut off juploadr to make it hard for us to upload and conserve disk space. remember zooomr is a private company and although there probably are some angel investors and maybe even VCs by now, I guess there just isn’t enough cash to handle growing as fast as they are. At least we don’t have the 200 photo limit like flickr. Zooomr will have to be monetized eventually, either by Kris or whoever he sells it to, or it will disappear.

30 09 2007

Brandon, check the date on that blogpost you quoted. That was the situation back in the beginning of _July_ !!

Now, it’s September. Zooomr has the new servers. Where’s the API key?

4 10 2007

Zooomr upload works with Konqueror for me, although I only uploaded 3 photos.

5 10 2007

right. i am stuck with zooomr not supporting any of the available browsers (on linux) for multiple image uploads… i guess my paid account on flickr is a better deal. kflickr works great!

14 10 2007

I feel sorry to those who had to do these hoops just to upload their photos to zooomr – btw; michelinux, this is not an offense to you, I’m thankful to people who share their knowledge and help others.

I feel sorry because there’s a superior solution already in linux, which is jUploadr, but Zooomr chose not to support it.
There’s just no way I’m going to upload my photos with the web form.

I feel sorry to the developer of jUploadr who’s getting the heat from people upset because of that, while it’s really the fault of Zooomr.

I think Zooomr needs to find more viable revenue streams, and market them effectively. It’d be a shame if the service fold up in the future due to cashflow problems.

A few ideas, I’ve been using sites such as LuckyOliver.com to get the stock photos I need for my web design business. And I’ve been giving them more money than flickr’s subscription fee, since I’m getting excellent values from that service.
I’ve also paid people via DeviantArts for their beautiful photos.

From what I’ve seen, there are beautiful images in Zooomr archive, but there’s no easy interface for me to browse around & purchase them. There’s a “use this photo as my avatar?” link, but there’s no “purchase this photo?”.

If there’s something like http://stockphotos.zooomr.com which makes it easy for me, than I’m switching to zooomr for my stock photo needs.

Also, zooomr can create themed stock photo CDs/DVDs, which you can buy for a good price. Similar offerings on competing sites are still costing hundreds of dollars, so there’s a chance here.

Seeing the good community it already created, I’m sure they would be happy to help spread the word.

Anyway, if jUploadr is not enabled in Zooomr soon, I’d have to subscribe to flickr instead. I’ve got many photos pending because I can’t upload them easily to zooomr.

Best wishes to zooomr, I’d hate to see the only worthy competition to flickr to go away because of these problems.

12 11 2007
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21 11 2007

Thanks for your tips. But in my IBM thinkpad with Ubuntu 7.10, I can not upload without restarting the PC. It just showing “Reading upload.zooomr.com” in status bar and do nothing before reboot.

4 01 2008
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